Business outcomes based IT architecture roadmap approach workshop @ Security Day 17′

As a part of Security Day conference  you have an opportunity to attend the following workshop:

“Increasing IT relevance – Business outcomes based IT architecture roadmap approach, introduction”

Requirements for IT have changed and become much harder to fulfill over the last couple of years. Business is not willing to invest in IT based on technical facts alone any longer, but require business outcomes and capabilities from every investment instead. This has caused the gap between IT and business to grow even larger as it’s difficult to find a common language to discuss about objectives and requirements. Not being able to have a dialogue with common language has changed business executives’ perspectives about IT from an investment to a plain expense. This had in turn led to other unwanted phenomena such as shadow IT, as business feels they are more capable and intelligent to buy IT services themselves instead of running them through the legacy IT organization. This development has left IT with two options; become relevant or perish. This workshop offers some ideas and presents a process and method how IT can re-establish its relevance in the eye of line of business leaders and senior executives.

Workshop target audience are senior IT managers, CxOs and line of business leaders who are looking for unfair competitive advantage and enhancing their value proposition and customer relationships through next-level digitalization. Technical knowledge or background is not required – we are going to talk business!

NB: Workshop will be limited to 12 participants, please register in advance! To secure your spot today please email:

About the speaker Joni Oksanen:

I began my career on ICT business 15 years ago in Finland’s biggest-to-be internet service provider Elisa, which was still back then called Kolumbus Internet and later Elisa Internet. I got to see the rise of consumer ADSL-connections, which pretty much decupled number of consumer internet customer within only a year. After three years in Elisa I moved to a smaller ISP, 24 Online, that had recently purchased a major IP Core network from Saunalahti, that was forced to sell part of its network and customerships due to Finnish competition authority decision after Elisa had acquired Saunalahti. During my time in 24 Online I was responsible of maintaining and developing the entire IP core network and customer last mile connectivity, that was mostly based DSL-technologies.

After 24 Online I was offered an opportunity to join CapGemini as a network consultant where I spent almost half a decade. I began as a network expert but soon oriented more to large design projects and became a network architect. In 5 years I reached CapGemini internal ranking level D, managing consultant, which is the highest grade you can achieve without having subordinates.

Last 6 years I’ve worked for Santa Monica Networks. First I started as a senior network architect and later took the responsibility of the SMN Finland training business which was later accompanied by the responsibility of professional service. In 2014 I was nominated as a chief architect and began working on our enterprise architecture method engaging with customer business decision makers and CxO-level executives to increase the value IT provides and tie IT investments tightly into business objectives and requirements. Since early 2016 I’ve been part of the management team leading our entire professional services portfolio, as a director for consultation, architecture and training. Among other duties I’ve still acted as a chief architect engaging with our customers’ senior executives and held some of our most advanced level technical trainings. I hold a bunch of certifications, from which CCIE in Service Provider, JNCIE in Service provider and CCDE are probably worth mentioning.

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